Media Coverage

Daily Telegraph April 11 2013 “Advertisements aimed at young children are immoral and should be banned” Our letter in the Daily Telegraph

The Guardian April 11 2013 “Ban all advertising aimed at young children? I say yes.

Daily Mail April 11 2013 'Ban adverts targeted at under 11s': Campaign group calls for end to industry built on children's 'pester power' over parents'

BBC April 11 2013 Call for ban on under-11s advertising

Nursery World April 11 2013 ‘Lobby group calls for adverts targeted at young children to be banned

Daily Telegraph April 11 2013 “Get real. Banning adverts will not stop children wanting things.” Critical response from Daily Telegraph writer.

BBC Newsround April 11 2013 “Call to ban adverts aimed at children under 11

Compass April 12 2013 “Leave Our Kids Alone!

More About Advertising April 12 2013 “Why Shouldn’t We Ban Advertising to Children

Green Reading April 12 2013 Ban Ads For Under 11 Year Olds

Liberal Conspiracy April 12 2013 Leave our kids alone – the case for banning ads targeted at children

The Guardian April 15 2013 Hey advertisers, leave our defenceless kids alone George Monbiot (signatory)